Disable FireFox Download Panel Automatically Opening

A change was made to FireFox where if you download a file, the download box opens and steals focus from the website. To disable this, go to about:config and search for browser.download.alwaysOpenPanel and set it to false by double clicking … Continue reading



Enable Backspace In Firefox On Ubuntu

Not sure why but the backspace keyboard short is disabled in Ubuntu. To enable it: type about:config into the address bar. Accept the warning. Find the key browser.backspace_action and change the value to 0. Enable Backspace In Firefox In Ubuntu … Continue reading



Firefox Interupts localhost To www.localhost.com

Firefox tries to be too clever and when the address doesn’t work, it tries to connect to sites on common patterns like adding .com or www. to the address in case the user accidentally forgot to put them in. For … Continue reading



Reduce SSD Wear By Moving Firefox Cache To RAM Disk

Overview It’s known that SSD have limited amount of read / writes similar to USB memory sticks. Drives usually come over provisioned so there are plenty of spare space to replace the bad sectors but it’s inevitable it will need … Continue reading



KeePass On Ubuntu

Overview I use KeePass as my password manager which works very well on Windows. Running it on Linux is not as easy but it has gotten better over the years for example in 14.04. Integrating it into browsers on the … Continue reading



Caret Browsing In Firefox

I noticed on my web pages a blinking iron (caret) on the page even when it’s not in a text/area box. It was like using a word processor but on a webpage. It turns out Firefox calls this Caret Browsing … Continue reading



KeePass Mini Review

Overview Software and services for password manager have been around for a long time. I was skeptical about using such products because I thought it was leaving “all your eggs in one basket”. Loose your key file and / or … Continue reading



WordPress – Your Browser Is Out Of Date

Never knew it was WordPress’s job to keep your browser up to date: