Adobe Lightroom Classic On SSD

Overview Adobe Lightroom (LR) is more or less the defacto tool photographers use to manage their libraries. It allows organisation of photos to fairly comprehensive editing facilities. One limitation with current SSD’s is the price per MB. With space at … Continue reading



DSLR Photo Management On The Go

Overview Keeping a large stack of photos on a memory card is always a scary thing in case the memory card goes back. People have created a workaround but using more (and usually smaller) cards to mitigate against the risk. … Continue reading



Black Rapid Strap With Manfrotto RC2 / Q2

Overview I was looking to replace the stock strap that came with my Canon 700d with a Black Rapid strap but didn’t want to keep swapping the tripod quick release(QR) plate for the fastenR. I found a way on YouTube … Continue reading



My Canon DSLR Journey Part 6 – Lens And Focus

Overview Next are lenses and focus. This will hopefully provide more information about the inner workings of a lens as well as the focusing technology inside a camera. Lens DSLR Lens Primer: Part 1: DSLR Lens Primer: Part 2: DSLR … Continue reading



My Canon DSLR Journey Part 5 – Post Processing

Overview Next is editing and storage of pictures. Following the previous post hopefully most of the pictures were taken in RAW format. This post will address why. Editing Tools The king of photo editing software is Adobe Photoshop. Being a … Continue reading



My Canon DSLR Journey Part 4 – Flash Gun

Overview After buying the camera, SD card and a bag it is ready to use on the go. In this post I will go through the accessories I got next. Equipment The next item on my list was a hood … Continue reading



My Canon DSLR Journey Part 3 – Camera Bag

Overview One of the first items I purchased after getting a DSLR was getting a bag. Bags are essential to protect the equipment when moving around. Unless everything can come to you it is more than likely the camera will … Continue reading



My Canon DSLR Journey Part 2 – Shooting Basics

Overview In this post I will go through the tips, features and techniques I learnt. Camera Functions OVerview of the buttons: Menu options: Customise: Modes File Format Always try to shoot with RAW files where available. RAW files allow post … Continue reading