Home Assistant Continuous Integration Workflow 2024

Overview A minor tweak to the Home Assistant CI/CD pipeline worth mentioning. The deployment process now replaces public call to a webhook to a VPN based solution. This comes in the form of Tailscale who also provide an example github … Continue reading



Home Assistant Constantly Refreshing

Update This has been removed in v2.11.2 and will fail to start if the configuration below is left in. I was seeing constant page refreshes on Home Assistant. In the end, it was changes to Traefik v2.11 and how it … Continue reading



Monitoring Boiler Flow Temperature

Overview I have a basic gas boiler in a conventional setup. After watching Heat Geek channel and their videos on heat pumps, I too wanted to look at how efficient my boiler was running. I did not want to make … Continue reading



Solar Assistant With EMQX Data Bridge

Overview My Growatt inverter has been lacking the integration to control the charging of the battery from the grid in Home Assistant. The feature exists in it’s own app and platform but it’s a real pain in the back side … Continue reading



DigitalOcean Managed (Clustered) Database With WordPress

Overview I have an existing WordPress site running on DigitalOcean on a self managed instance (Droplet). It was time for an OS upgrade and generally I like to start from scratch rather than doing an in place upgrade. Ideally, I … Continue reading



MySQL Consider increasing innodb_redo_log_capacity

Overview I started getting the following warnings in the log from MySQL: 2023-03-18T05:12:59.566053Z 0 [Warning] [MY-013865] [InnoDB] Redo log writer is waiting for a new redo log file. Consider increasing innodb_redo_log_capacity. Redo logs are stored transactions that are used to … Continue reading




Overview I have been using Unraid for over 2 years now and it has a great in-between a full solution such as a NAS dedicated hardware and a homelab DIY solution. The idea was to use it as a server … Continue reading



Increase Growatt Shine Update Interval

A quick, at your own risk tutorial to change the reporting frequency of your Growatt Shine sensor data. This won’t change the data being reported on the Growatt dashboard / ShinePhone app however it will show up things like grott … Continue reading