Great Wall Of UK

It looks like I signed up to the wrong ISP. I do not agree at all with what they are doing but yet to have faced the issue of the ISP wide proxy (fingers crossed it won’t happen). An article … Continue reading



More SCO Misery

I love it when the justice system works. More news that not only did SCO’s appeal lost in court against Novell, they are also to pay additional fees plus interest. Source article



SCO Pay For Taking On the FLOSS Community

The judge has finally ended the SCO Novell saga with a nice jucy $2.54m payout to Novell. It’s an interesting article with a summary of what happened. Hopefully this will make sure companies conduct a through audit before claiming things … Continue reading



Firefox 3 Release Date Announced

Finally! The new version of my favourite browser has said the new version will be available on June 17th 2008. Using the Release Candidate(RC) on Ubuntu I’m still worried about some of my plugins/addons not available for the new version … Continue reading



Ubuntu On Asus EEE PC

I used these 2 web sites as my guide to installing Ubuntu on the Asus EEE PC. I opted for the external LG DVD drive to install Ubuntu was fairly simple and painless. It booted into the live CD and … Continue reading



Gnome 2.20

As the title suggests, Gnome 2.20 has been released and it has some nice updates most noticably to Evolution. Although it won’t compete with KDE 4, it adds nice little touches from what I can see. I have yet to … Continue reading



KDE 4.0 Beta 2 Released

KDE has released the second beta marking it feature locked and looking to stabilizing the desktop environment for a December release date. It is shaping to be very good and I hope Gnome responds soon to develop Gnome 3. KDE … Continue reading



Chapter 11 For SCO

Finally a good sign. The evil organization named SCO has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection. This serves them right and should hopefully send out a message to other companies not naming any names (Microsoft). Source Article from Cnet