Sony Playstation 4 ‘Cannot play the media’ From Twonky Media Server

Overview I have been having issues playing any media streamed from Twonky on my Qnap NAS box to the PS4 giving a blue screen error message Cannot play the media for any video files. Turns out it’s something to do … Continue reading



MediaTomb Samsung TV On Ubuntu

Overview MediaTomb uPnP / DLNA server works out the box for standard media servers but required some configuration tweaks to enable playback on PlayStation 3. Whilst the changes were done manually in an XML file, the changes were simple and … Continue reading



Samsung 46D8000 Mini Review

Overview I have been eyeing up a Samsung 8000 series T.V since last year and since the only discount that was applied was around £200 from release till the the C model was EOL with the new D series, it … Continue reading



MythWeb Preview

I have yet again set up MythTV on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron. It wasn’t as easy or running as well as my previous install on the same machine but with and older version of Ubuntu. Now that I have moved … Continue reading




I had a play with Joost, a TV like program from people who came up with Skype. It is very good although lacking content and picture quality. The controls area really good and easy to change channels and programs within … Continue reading



Prison Break Season 1

Watched the last episode of Prison Break, a wikid tv series full of twists and turns. It was very disappointing at the end as they left it wide open and didn’t really finish it! Got to wait another year now.



Prison Break

Started watching Prison Break. I like it because it is very clever and has a gripping story.