Ring Automotive RAC630 Mini Review

Overview I was looking for a tyre pump and decided to go for a Ring Automotive product based on other people’s reviews. RAC610 I originally bought the RAC610 which was half the price. Physically it looked the same but the … Continue reading



Changing E82 Footwell Light

Changing the footwell lights are fairly trivial. The equipment needed are: Trimer remover or flat head screw driver Replacement bulb Cloth The OEM bulbs that were in my car were a 12v5W W5W. I replaced them with SMD LEDs from … Continue reading



BMW E82 Fitted Boot Matt (51 47 0 433 563)

Just some pictures of the boot matt for BMW E82. There are few cut out points for various reasons but I chose to leave them in for now as they are not causing me any issues. Part number: 51 47 … Continue reading



Petrol Or Diesel Or Hybrid?

Overview I have been trying to calculate the total ownership cost cars using variety of fuel types from petrol to diesel and hybrid. I have excluded pure electric cars because it’s hard to judge the running cost and how long … Continue reading



Low Car Battery Moment

Had car trouble yesterday so I had to hook up the battery charger by Halfords. It took between 5-6 hours to charge from just under 12v left in the battery. I was luck enough to make it home when I … Continue reading



McGard Replacement Nut

Overview I had miss placed / lost my locking nut keys for the car. What made it worse was the tyres and MOT. They looked like they needed fresh rubber and I was frantically looking for the key the day … Continue reading



How To Buy A Car

Americanized but very good tips



Locking Wheel Nuts

Finally got a set of locking buts for the car after Terina had all her nuts and wheel cover stolen / loosened.