Git Submodule v.s Subtree

Overview Incorporating libraries that are separately version controlled but requiring it as a dependency can be done in git but there are different ways of doing it. As an example I have used Git’s submodule and subtree. I started with … Continue reading



Checkout Specific Files From Git

Overview From Git 1.7 it is possible to checkout specific files from a repository. The feature in Git is called sparse checkout. How To Create a repository: git init myRepo where myRepo is the directory to create the new repository. … Continue reading



Github Permission Denied

I was trying to push to Github and got the following error: debug1: No more authentication methods to try. Permission denied (publickey). In the above case make sure a new SSH key exists by checking there are files in ~/.ssh … Continue reading



Setting Github Repository

Overview This article will walkthrough setting up a Github repository and using a Ubuntu Desktop environment to perform push and pull requests. Pre-Requisits It is assumed you have an account on Github already at http://github.com. It is also assumed you … Continue reading