SimCity Won’t Start

I’ve been playing SimCity 2013 on EA Origin system and the game consistently starts fine (besides the server issues). Today suddenly the game won’t even start. Launching it from Origin a dialog box appears saying Launching SimCity… but disappears and … Continue reading



Decrypting Minecraft Password

If you want to retrieve a forgotten password in Minecraft you can use some simple Java to decrypt the “lastlogin” file if the username and password from the last session was saved. I do not condone the act of stealing … Continue reading



Steam Saved Game Locations

I found this on the Valve’s Steam forums. It was handy in locating and importing my Mass Effect game into Mass Effect 2. Steam Game Save Locations



Valve’s Steam And Windows 7 Integration

Valve has done a great work integration Steam with Windows 7. The icon in the taskbar shows the download status of all the currently downloading items. This was demos in my case. I have the Steam icon in my start … Continue reading



Multiwinia Limited Edition Unboxing

Overview I have always been a fan of Introversion since their first game; Uplink. I discovered them in PC Gamer magazine and it told the story of how they started in the bedroom and selling their game at markets. Unboxing … Continue reading



Will Wright At Regent Street Apple Store

I found out Will Wright will be show casing Spore at the London Apple store and thought I’d go. I was going to meet Dave around 13:30 – 14:00 but he missed the train and got in for 14:30. I … Continue reading



Steam Defragger

Discovered this new feature when I tried to launch Team Fortress 2.



Ubisoft Uses CD Crack To Fix A Ubisoft Game

It’s unbelievable that a company would “steal” a no CD crack to patch their game because uses who downloaded it legally couldn’t get pass the CD check. Ubisoft has just done that and it didn’t even credit Reloaded for the … Continue reading