Moes Zigbee Thermostat

Overview I have an electric underfloor heating in one of the rooms. It uses the old version of the ProWarm Pro Digital Thermostat. It has the usual controls for a non connected thermostat such as schedule and manual heating controls. … Continue reading



Smart Bulbs With Light Switches

Borrowing this idea from Tom McGuinness. This is the ultimate setup to allow features of a smart bulb like changing colours, Zigbee/Matter repeater and still retain the functional use of your light switch. The concept is to disconnect the bulb … Continue reading



Salt Level For Water Softener With ESPHome

overview We got a water softener installed near the water mains coming into the house. It’s a “dumb” softener so that it does not rely on using electricity. This means it will continue to work in a power outage but … Continue reading



Increase Growatt Shine Update Interval

A quick, at your own risk tutorial to change the reporting frequency of your Growatt Shine sensor data. This won’t change the data being reported on the Growatt dashboard / ShinePhone app however it will show up things like grott … Continue reading



Home Assistant Dashboard On A Raspberry Pi

Overview I wanted to create a display of a web page on a Raspberry Pi with no desktop or browser looking controls. This is called a kiosk mode. The main driver for this is to replace the MagicMirror to show … Continue reading



Enable Coral AI USB On Unraid

Edge computing is becoming more affordable and Coral AI USB is one example: This was running detection at 5 FPS on a Coral AI at 10ms v.s. 2 out of 4 cores on an Intel. To use the Coral AI … Continue reading



Water Depth Sensor With ESP32

Overview We live in a house with a water tank in the loft which uses gravity to feed water to any of the water sources upstairs in the house like the hot water tank to bathroom taps. Now and again, … Continue reading



Raspberry Pi Connect To Hidden SSID

Turns out the Raspberry Pi won’t automatically look for hidden WiFi networks. CLI To enable this edit the file /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf and add scan_ssid=1 inside the network declaration: SD With the SD plugged into another computer other than the Raspberry Pi, … Continue reading