Enable Backspace In Firefox On Ubuntu

Not sure why but the backspace keyboard short is disabled in Ubuntu. To enable it: type about:config into the address bar. Accept the warning. Find the key browser.backspace_action and change the value to 0. Enable Backspace In Firefox In Ubuntu … Continue reading



Reduce SSD Wear By Moving Firefox Cache To RAM Disk

Overview It’s known that SSD have limited amount of read / writes similar to USB memory sticks. Drives usually come over provisioned so there are plenty of spare space to replace the bad sectors but it’s inevitable it will need … Continue reading



Caret Browsing In Firefox

I noticed on my web pages a blinking iron (caret) on the page even when it’s not in a text/area box. It was like using a word processor but on a webpage. It turns out Firefox calls this Caret Browsing … Continue reading



Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird Spell Checker

Since version 3 of Firefox it has had a built in spell checker. This is handy if say you use your browser to write blogs or posts online for example. The problem is when you download the browser it doesn’t … Continue reading



Disable Automatic Virus Scanning in Firefox 3

I recently switched to Firefox 3 on the Windows platform. I thought it was annoying that it took forever to scan large files and was never too sure when it would be complete. To disable this type in the address … Continue reading



Firefox 3 Colour Profile

Firefox 3 has enhanced colour profiles which makes colours of pictures look better and less faded. This feature is catching up to Safari’s ability to render pictures and is not turned on by default in Firefox for the reason below. … Continue reading



Firefox 3 Release Date Announced

Finally! The new version of my favourite browser has said the new version will be available on June 17th 2008. Using the Release Candidate(RC) on Ubuntu I’m still worried about some of my plugins/addons not available for the new version … Continue reading



FireFox 3 Beta 5 On Ubuntu Back Button Disabled

For some reason the back button is disabled so you can’t go back to the previous page you went on. You can still right click on it and it will list the past pages and select them to go back.