energy@home With CurrentCost IAMs

It’s been a while since I’ve done a write up on the energy@home project so I thought I’d write something up. There have been few minor tweaks since the last post including some user contribution especially from systems using multiple … Continue reading



Energy@Home 0.7 Released

This new release with the main focus on multichannel support. There were a lot of paint along the way most noticeable performance issues. The multichannel support allows for 2 or 3 phase CT clamp compatibility. Channels are different from appliances. … Continue reading



Energy@Home 0.6.5 Released

This new release didn’t go as smoothly as planned and I had aimed to get 0.7 out the door but felt this release did not deserve the minor versioning increment so I thought I’d explain in this post. I had … Continue reading



energy@home 0.6 Released

0.6 contains mainly web UI changes and includes: New Data tab – Contains a table / grid of the graph data Various bug fixes -See check in comments Updated flot libraries to version 0.7 As a consequence to flot 0.7 … Continue reading



Web Server Basic Authentication = Weak

I’d like to point out that I knew Basic Authentication in web servers were not bullet proof but in fact the total opposite (pointed out in the energy@home documents). This was hammered home when I was inspired to do some … Continue reading



energy@home 0.5.2 Released

A minor release but fixes the issue where Apache was reporting an error due to a missing variable. The new version also contains more changes “under the hood” such as using JSON natively during GET operations (graph data) and clean … Continue reading



energy@home 0.5 Released

I’m excited to say a new release of energy@home have been released! The new version includes: Offline data storage – If it was unable to save the data to the database it will save it file and later re-insert the … Continue reading



Graph Annotation And Settings Features

Mark’s use of energy@home highlights a need for annotation function but before getting to that stage I want to customize the way historical data is retrieved. Currently it only shows pre-set number of settings but I face a UI challenge … Continue reading