Overview I have been using Unraid for over 2 years now and it has a great in-between a full solution such as a NAS dedicated hardware and a homelab DIY solution. The idea was to use it as a server … Continue reading



Run Dropbox On Ubuntu 12.04 Server

Overview I wanted to set up Dropbox on a headless server so I can access files sync’d rom Dropbox as well as having an online backup of the files away from Dropbox itself. Install Download and extract the zip file: … Continue reading



Using VirtualBox Shared Folders With Ubuntu 12.04

VirtualBox includes an easy to user shared folder option in the settings. It allows anyone to add a folder from the host computer and share it with the guest. All that is required is for the guest OS, in this … Continue reading



Ubuntu 12.04 Server Install Stops At Purple Screen

I was installing Ubuntu 12.04 server edition and after it detected the network interface it stopped at a blank purple screen. The install hadn’t hung because characters appeared in the bottom grey bar when you pressing any keys on the … Continue reading



Synergy (Project) Windows To Windows

Overview It’s been a while since I have used a “stable” software which almost made me tear my hair out! As good as the concept of Synergy is the execution could have been better. All credit to the software and … Continue reading



Apache 2 Hardening Tips

Below are some of the tricks I use or found useful to try to mitigate unwanted attention. Whilst this is not a definitive guide these are simple quick things that can be done. This was written for Ubuntu but it … Continue reading



Ubuntu Music Streaming Server – Ampache

Overview I wanted a music server for personal use so that I can access my music collection remotely or locally. A web front end with the ability to stream to various players would be key. It had to run on … Continue reading



MythWeb Preview

I have yet again set up MythTV on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron. It wasn’t as easy or running as well as my previous install on the same machine but with and older version of Ubuntu. Now that I have moved … Continue reading