Windows file name(s) are too long

I wanted to delete some Windows 8 store cache files but an error came up when I tried to delete them from Explorer. I found a cool way to get around this as Windows have a limitation of not just … Continue reading



Windows 8 Disables WoL

Overview I had Wake on LAN working on Windows 7 but since Windows 8 it didn’t work. It didn’t help that every UEFI firmware flash would wipe the settings. It turns out Windows 8 shutdown behavior is different to Windows … Continue reading



Reduce SSD Wear By Moving Windows Temporary Files Cache To RAM Disk

Overview Temporary files used by Windows can be moved to a RAM disk to improve speed as well as Go here to see how to create a RAM Disk. Drawbacks As with most things there is a compromise. RAM Disk … Continue reading



Ubuntu 12.04 Disk Utility S.M.A.R.T

I was surprised to be greeted by an error dialogue notifying me of a potential issue with one of the HDD but also very grateful. Clicking on the Examine button opened up the Disk Utility program which is part of … Continue reading



Check TRIM On Windows 7

If Windows starts to slow down and the system is using a SSD then check TRIM is running. Short explanation: TRIM is a command which allows the flash chips to delete data stored on them. Long version: TRIM clears the … Continue reading



Samsung 830 SSD (512GB)

Overview My Windows system stopped booting up for some odd reason but luckily it only affect my OS drive. As I had to reinstall Windows I thought now would be a good time to get an SSD to save cloning … Continue reading



Windows Explorer Not Refreshing

After a crash I encountered an issue where Windows Explorer would not automatically refresh in Microsoft Windows 7. For example downloading a file using a web browser to the Desktop the file doesn’t appear until you Right click > Refresh. … Continue reading



NFS Server

Overview Network File Share (NFS) is a protocol for sharing storage. It is quite common in Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices and is a standard compared to Samba which is Microsoft specific but has been ported to Linux. Install NFS … Continue reading