Disable FireFox Download Panel Automatically Opening

A change was made to FireFox where if you download a file, the download box opens and steals focus from the website. To disable this, go to about:config and search for browser.download.alwaysOpenPanel and set it to false by double clicking … Continue reading



Central Heating Graph With Home Assistant

Overview I have created a graph to show temperature for each room in the house broken down to level/floor they are on so I can see how well heated each room is. I don’t have any smart thermostatic radiator valves … Continue reading



Separate Networks By Password With Aruba (PPSK/MPSK)

Overview I was looking for devices that supported Private PreShared Keys (PPSK) which allow a single access point to be broadcasted and depending on the preshared key used i.e password for the WiFi then it will assign various privileges. At … Continue reading



Home Assistant Dashboard On A Raspberry Pi

Overview I wanted to create a display of a web page on a Raspberry Pi with no desktop or browser looking controls. This is called a kiosk mode. The main driver for this is to replace the MagicMirror to show … Continue reading



Zigbee Firmware List

A useful list of Zigbee published firmwares are available from: OTA Image Types Firmware versions




Overview I have been looking at moving towards a zero trust network but I have never been able to get other how home devices especially Internet of Things (IOT) generally use discovery protocols to ease setup which is contradictory to … Continue reading



“Real Time” Solar / Energy Dashboard

Summary Home Assistant introduced an energy dashboard in 2021.8. Whilst useful and offers a quick setup, it lags an hour behind due to the way it presents data. So I set out to create my own “real time” dashboard. I … Continue reading



Home Assistant With Version Control

Overview Home Assistant works half in system (e.g. UI integrations) and half in YAML Ain’t Markup Language (YAML). YAML files are usually stored as .yml or .yaml (Home Assistant works best with the latter). More and more features are available … Continue reading