Make Windows Update Time More Often


Microsoft Windows doesn’t update the clock enough times in the day and when you have a motherboard with a dodgy clock it doesn’t help when the time drifts. Thankfully the time synchronization can be controlled using the Task Scheduler in Windows. This means there are no additional software needed. This will be walk through using Windows 8.1 but also works for Windows 10.

Go to the Task Scheduler. This can be done using the search using the work “schedule task” or from the control panel.

Drill down the left hand tree Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > Time Synchronization. Click on Create Task from the Actions menu on the right hand side.
Task Scheduler

Give it a name, Change the account in the Security options and tick the Run with highest privileges.
General Task Settings

Go to the Triggers tab and add when it should run. Use the New… button and go through the wizard to do this. I added At startup and a Daily one that runs every hour.
Daily trigger schedule

In the Actions tab, click New… button and set the following or leave as blank / default:
Action: Start a program
Program/script: %windir%\system32\w32tm.exe
Add arguments (optional): /resync
Action settings

In the Conditions tab tick the last option to only start when there’s a network connection available.
Conditions settings

Next is Settings tab tick the Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed.

Press the OK button to save the changes.


It’s fairly easy to kick the time sync off more frequently and I wish it was set more frequently by default. It also helps with a dodgy internal clock on a computer so long as you have Internet.

Make Windows synchronize time more often

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